General Terms & Conditions for Consumers (Version: 08.04.2019)

Babbel GmbH | Babbel Lifetime Terms

May 2021

1. Scope | Applicability of End User Terms

1.1 These terms for Babbel Lifetime Licenses („Lifetime Terms“) of Babbel GmbH, Andreasstraße 72, 10243 Berlin, Germany („Babbel“) apply in addition to the Babbel End User Terms as amended from time to time („End User Terms“).

1.2 These Lifetime Terms shall apply to all Orders that are made with regard to the granting of a Lifetime License (as defined below). The terms and conditions of each agreed Order for a Lifetime License shall incorporate these Lifetime Terms.

1.3 The End User Terms (including any terms defined therein) shall also apply to an Order for a Lifetime License. In the event of a conflict between these Lifetime Terms and the End User Terms these Lifetime Terms shall take precedence.

2. Lifetime License

2.1 By Babbel’s acceptance of a corresponding offer by the User, an Order for a Lifetime License is concluded between Babbel and the User. „Lifetime License“ is a License for the use of Paid Services granted to the User by Babbel with the proviso that, by way of derogation from Clauses 10.2 and 10.3 of the End User Terms, the Order is concluded for the lifetime of the User and shall, in accordance with the stipulations of this Clause 2, only terminate upon the death of the User. The Lifetime License and the rights and obligations associated therewith shall not pass to the heirs of the User.

2.2. Virtual Classroom Services cannot form part of an Order for Lifetime Licenses.

2.3 The Services are offered as prescribed in the then-current Documentation as amended from time to time. Babbel may modify the Services offered under a Lifetime License to the extent reasonable for the User, taking into account the legitimate interests of the User and of Babbel.

2.4 Neither party shall be entitled to terminate an Order for a Lifetime License for convenience. The parties’ right to immediately terminate any Order for a Lifetime License for good cause shall remain unaffected (cf. Clause 10.4 of the End User Terms).

2.5 The Order for a Lifetime License shall also terminate if Babbel ceases to provide the Services or ceases its business operations, in each case, in their entirety.

3. Revision of these Babbel Lifetime Terms

Babbel may amend and/or update these Lifetime Terms from time to time with future effect for existing Orders and as necessary for technical, economic or legal reasons. Any such revision of these Lifetime Terms shall be announced to the User in text form (simple email shall be sufficient) no later than six (6) weeks before their proposed effective date. The User may either approve or object to the revision before their proposed effective date. The revision shall be deemed approved by the User, unless the User objects to the revision before their proposed effective date. Babbel shall expressly inform the User thereof in the respective announcement

Babbel GmbH
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May 2021

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