Your shortest path to a real-life conversation

Founded in 2007, Babbel is the world’s first language learning app. A leader in the online language learning industry, Babbel is an international success with more than 1 million active subscribers and ranked as the world’s #1 innovative company in education. Our meticulously designed courses guarantee you language skills you can use right away. Babbel is the shortest path to real-life conversations; 73% of our users indicated that they’d be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using Babbel.

At the core of Babbel is a world-class, empirically-proven method that enhances language learning with advanced technology. Our language experts obsess on how to bring you the best quality in modern language learning, covering 8,500 hours of content in 14 languages from Spanish to Indonesian. Babbel is the only product to offer courses tailored to your native language, building on grammar and vocabulary you already know. Audio examples and dialogues are recorded with real native speakers, not automated computers, empowering you to speak correctly and confidently. Time tested strategies such as cognitive research and communicative didactics optimize how new vocabulary and grammar is received, saved and recalled. Babbel trains your brain to learn constantly and efficiently, so you absorb more information while in the app, and continue learning outside of it.

Babbel cares about you — how you learn, what you’re interested in learning, and how best to teach you. Whether you learn best by reading, writing, speaking, seeing or listening, Babbel addresses your individual learning type. Our content is about real-life topics that are relevant, because we know what matters to you is what sticks best.

Babbel is a premium product and our iOS and Android app makes our practical language lessons available wherever and whenever. With no ads and a transparent, subscription-based business model, we work directly for our learners — not for any third party. And it’s all supported by a fast and dedicated customer service team, available via telephone, email and online chat.

Babbel is made up of a team of more than 500 people from 40 nations working in Berlin and New York. Every day we obsess about improving the way languages are learned, because we care about you and your story.

The Management Team

Markus Witte

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Holl

Chief Strategy Officer

Julie Hansen

Chief Executive Officer US

Martin Kütter

Chief Operating Officer

Arne Schepker

Chief Marketing Officer

Deepa Miglani

SVP Marketing US

Ina Wetzel

VP Finance

Scott Weiss

VP Product Design

Annabella Da Encarnacao

Director of Performance Marketing

Stephan Seyfarth

Director of Customer Service

Miriam Plieninger

Director of Didactics

Christian Hillemeyer

Director of Communications

Nadia Schmid

Director of Analytics

Arne Gerdes

Principal Product Owner