The most innovative company in education

Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Companies ranking, 2016

In language learning, nothing is more rewarding than a real conversation. Babbel empowers you to speak from the beginning.

Available for the web, smartphone and tablet, Babbel fits into your everyday life. Our lessons are split into useful real-life topics, from introducing oneself, to ordering food and making travel arrangements — this way, Babbel helps learners to start having real conversations as early as possible.

In fact, 73% of surveyed users indicated that they’d be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within five hours of using Babbel.

A team of 400 people from 36 nations, we have one shared passion — languages.

The Babbel story began back in 2007, when founders Markus Witte, Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine discovered that there was no real way to learn a language online — a problem they knew they could fix. In 2008, Babbel was born: an app that combined new technology with proven methodologies to help people learn a new language based on what they already know from their own language — an approach that’s still unique to Babbel.

We’ve been growing fast since then: over 1,000,000 active subscribers are learning 14 different languages, from Spanish to Indonesian. And in 2016, Fast Company Magazine named Babbel the most innovative company in education worldwide.

Committed to our learners

Babbel is a premium product. With no ads, and a transparent, subscription-based business model, we work directly for our learners — not for any third party.

Our in-house didactics department has one key mission: to get you conversational fast. Together, this team of 100+ linguists, language teachers and education specialists has created over 8,500 hours of learning content to date. And it’s all supported by a fast and dedicated customer service team, available via telephone, email and online chat.

Learn more about our methods and the awards we’ve received here. Up-to-date news can be found on our press page.

The Founders

Markus Witte

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Witte leads Babbel. He believes that the future of learning is online, and that apps like Babbel can help overcome barriers to quality education.

Thomas Holl

President Babbel Inc.

Thomas Holl oversees Babbel’s activity in the USA. He is especially focused on enhancing the ways that learners interact with Babbel.

Lorenz Heine

Chief Innovation Officer

Lorenz Heine drives innovation at Babbel. He understands that learning should be fun, and designs the learning process accordingly, making it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Management Team

Markus Witte

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Holl

President Babbel Inc.

Martin Kütter

Chief Operating Officer

Arne Schepker

Chief Marketing Officer

Boris Diebold

Executive VP Product & Engineering

Ina Wetzel

VP of Finance

Annabella Da Encarnacao

Director of Performance Marketing

Stephan Seyfarth

Director of Customer Service

Miriam Plieninger

Director of Didactics

Christian Hillemeyer

Director of Communications

Jeanny Wang

Director of Product

Tom Kent

Director of International Growth

Arne Gerdes

Principal Product Owner

Jörg Braner

Head of Software Engineering