About us

We are a team of over 300 employees.

Babbel came about because of a distinct and very fundamental desire: to learn a language.

When Lorenz Heine decided to learn Spanish, he knew this much was clear: learning should be easy, fun and simple to integrate into everyday life. Since no online language learning services lived up to his expectations, he developed his own vocabulary trainer.

He, Markus Witte and Thomas Holl immediately recognized the potential: if learning was fun and effective for them, then it would be for other people as well. In 2007 they started building Babbel with Toine Diepstraten (no longer with the company) along with five employees and turned it into much more than a vocabulary trainer. Early in 2008 Babbel.com went online.

Lesson Nine GmbH, the company behind Babbel, has its headquarters in Berlin, an office in New York and more than 300 Team members from 28 nations. Linguists, native speakers, authors and translators prepare the course topics and create the content; product designers, software developers and actors bring them to life.

The founding idea has survived to this day: Learning should be easy and effective.

We believe in the language potential that is in all of us.

The Founders

Markus Witte

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Witte manages Lesson Nine GmbH. He believes that the future of learning is online, and that programs like Babbel can help to overcome barriers to quality education.

Thomas Holl

President Babbel Inc.

Thomas Holl is in charge of product development. He is especially focused on the way learners interact with Babbel.

Lorenz Heine

Chief Innovation Officer

Lorenz Heine leads innovation at Babbel. He is convinced that learning should be fun, and designs the learning process to be as intelligent, easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Management Team

Markus Corallo

Chief Financial Officer

Boris Diebold

VP of Engineering

Annabella Da Encarnacao

Director of Marketing

Arne Gerdes

Director of Product

Alexis Hue

Director of International Growth

Christian Hillemeyer

Director of PR and Internal Communications

Miriam Plieninger

Director of Didactics

Stephan Seyfarth

Director of Customer Service