About us

We are a team of 400 people from 36 nations with a shared passion for languages.

Babbel makes language learning easy, effective and convenient for everybody.

Babbel was founded in 2007. It is led by three founders: Markus Witte, Thomas Holl and Lorenz Heine.

Each founder previously worked in the music software field. Together, they began to contemplate embarking on a new project as early as 2006, initially considering an online platform for collaboration between musicians. During this time however, they discovered that there were no fully developed ways to learn a language online: existing options were limited to multi-media products – CDs, DVDs, etc. Even at this time, such products were most often found collecting dust on learners’ shelves.

The team set their sights on a better future for language learning, and launched the first version of the Babbel web app in January 2008. Its development was guided by love and passion, and aided by the attention to detail and user-focus that had been critical to the founders’ success in the music software industry. One year later, this strategy had already proved its worth when Babbel surpassed the 100,000-user mark.

Today, from our offices in Berlin and New York, we continue to help people discover the joys of self-directed learning, though on a much larger scale. We currently offer 14 different learning languages – from Spanish to Indonesian – and our mobile apps see up to 120,000 downloads each day.

Individual biographies for each of Babbel’s founders are available on our press site.

The Founders

Markus Witte

Chief Executive Officer

Markus Witte leads Babbel. He believes that the future of learning is online, and that apps like Babbel can help overcome barriers to quality education.

Thomas Holl

President Babbel Inc.

Thomas Holl oversees Babbel’s activity in the USA. He is especially focused on enhancing the ways that learners interact with Babbel.

Lorenz Heine

Chief Innovation Officer

Lorenz Heine drives innovation at Babbel. He understands that learning should be fun, and designs the learning process accordingly, making it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Management Team

Martin Kütter

Chief Operating Officer

Arne Schepker

Chief Marketing Officer

Boris Diebold

VP of Engineering

Annabella Da Encarnacao

Director of Performance Marketing

Stephan Seyfarth

Director of Customer Service

Miriam Plieninger

Director of Didactics

Christian Hillemeyer

Director of PR and Internal Communications

Jeanny Wang

Director of Product

Arne Gerdes

Principal Product Owner